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1.20 How do I install stacked stone siding on my home?

Q. We want to remove our old crusty wood siding (which only makes up a quarter of our outside walls) and the rest is stucco. We would like to have the "stacked stone" look instead. How do I install this stacked stone as siding? We don't really want to go with the fake stuff but instead would rather have the real stone. I have all the time in the world right now to do the job but I don't know where to begin and I can't seem to find any resources on the internet. If anyone can help please let me know where to start. Thanks!

A. First of all find the supplier, then ask them on books or places of instruction how to start working on the job. The best place to get information is where you buy it. They usually are very well learned on the products that they supply and sell.

1.20 Siding what do you ask for when getting an estimate?

Q. My brother is paying for siding on my home! (he is a wonderful brother ,by the way) He told me to get estimates. for windows also. I dont know what to ask for! I need the old siding removed,and i want to keep the price down, since he is paying for it! Please Help! Thank you! The first answer that i recieved from John was fantastic! Thank you So Much! This is an old house at least 50 yrs. old. My dad and mom built it! They had no experience building! It is a plain ranch type home with wood siding .the wood is really moldy and is roten. Ineed to know what type siding to go with? there are many types! I not able to wrap the house myself. ( i wish i could,I'd like to !) But physically i am not able! That is the main reason why we are hiring someone! I am checking around the neighborhood,to see if good work was done! It is not easy finding someone you can trust! I will consider all advice given to me! And thank you so much! I would like to get it done during the summer, I have heard that the windows are put in first! So i know that will take time! Thank a 3rd time!!!! WoW JOHN! You are great! After all that imformation,NOW COME AND DO THE WORK! LOL Take care! All OF YOU will sleep well tonight ! Knowing you helped this unexperienced woman!! Sorry thats inexperienced!

A. Read below for choosing contractors. Do more research on siding and removal through google/yahoo searches. If you do have the siding removed, have the contractor give you an estimate on installing house wrap to the exterior under the new siding. House Wrap: When you go out in bad weather, you wear a jacket to protect yourself from rain, wind and other elements. A home should be protected in the same fashion. Without a protective barrier, the home can get wet, which can lead to wood rot and mold growth. Is there a better way to protect a home from these elements? Using a house wrap during the framing stage of construction will prevent moisture from entering the home. This will protect the house from rotting and from developing mold or fungus. Additionally, air infiltration through the framed walls will be blocked. The "best practice" for protecting your home from wind and water while allowing it to "breathe" is to install a layer of "house wrap" made of a thin layer of spun-bonded polyethylene. Here's how to do it: Start at a corner, but make sure you have 2 to 3 feet of house wrap to overlap the corner. Wrap it around the corner and continue nailing or stapling as you move. Wrap the entire building, including door and window openings. Use button nails or minimum 1-inch staples to fasten the house wrap every 12 to 18 inches along the vertical studs. Make an inverted "y" cut, or "martini glass cut," over the window openings. Fold the flaps in through the opening of the two sides and the sill and fasten them inside. Many builders do not install a drainage plane at all. The builders who do often install "building paper," a sheet of asphalt-impregnated felt paper, to protect the house from exterior water penetration. Unlike house wrap, however, building paper doesn't effectively reduce air infiltration because it has many seams, while house wrap is a continuous sheet with minimal overlaps. House wrap produces a breathable, weather-resistant barrier that will reduce energy costs and prevent wind-driven rain from entering the walls of a home. =============================================== Windows: If you are actually going to have the windows replaced, the best way to do this is replace the whole window including the frames. Have the windows removed to the rough opening. Many contractors will tell you this is not necessary. If the house is quite old, the space between the rough oping and the window frame is likely not insulated and sealed properly. Leaving the existing window frames in will not eliminate drafts properly. Also, it allows you to see if there is may moisture damage to the structure that has to be repaired. Here is an excerpt from this link: http://www.doityourself.com/stry/retrofit How Do I Decide Between Retrofit or New Construction Windows? (By: Bill & Kevin Burnett) Q: What are the disadvantages to retrofit windows as opposed to the advantages of new-construction windows? I've been shopping for new windows for my home and have found that labor and materials for retrofit windows is about one-half the cost of new-construction windows. I understand that with retrofit windows the old window is removed and the new window is installed into the old window frame, which certainly cuts down on labor. However, is there a quality issue? Can there be more of a chance of leakage around the window with retrofitted windows? Retrofit installers swear by their product. My contractor said he won't install retrofit windows. What's a homeowner to do? A: Retrofit windows are installed into existing window frames. New-construction windows are secured to the frame of the house by nailing flanges. The cost difference is related to removal and repair of existing window trim and siding. The major advantage of flanged windows is that they are one integral unit that is easy for the contractor or homeowner to install plumb and square within a framed opening. Retrofit windows are installed into existing frames, and if those frames are not plumb or square, there may be problems. To install flanged windows the old windows must be completely removed. Exterior trim (and often interior trim) will have to be removed, exposing the framing so the new windows can be nailed or screwed to it. Siding will also need to be cut back so that the edge of the framing is exposed. If you have a stucco exterior, installation will require some stucco to be chipped or cut away, then patched after the new windows are installed. Trim must be reinstalled. Finally everything must be repainted. Sounds like a pretty big job, doesn't it? It is. Retrofit windows, on the other hand, use the existing frame as the opening in which to install the new windows. No trim removal, no stucco or siding to repair. A seemingly much simpler and cleaner job. It can be. So what to do? From our perspective it depends on the type of existing windows you have and the exterior trim and siding involved. Most of our experience has been with the double-hung wooden windows that are common in old homes. To install retrofits in this type of frame, the old sash is removed, stops are installed if necessary and the new unit is attached to the old wood frames with shims and screws. A little caulking around the joints and you're done. This type of installation, if done properly, will provide an airtight seal. If your existing windows are the steel casement windows used in the 1950s or the aluminum windows commonly used in the 1960s, '70s and '80s, we'd suggest you do some serious digging into the possibility of using retrofits. If we were in the market to retrofit these windows, we'd undertake major research, look at some existing installations and satisfy ourselves with the looks, method of installation and quality of these products. All this being said, we don't think we'd be happy with existing steel or aluminum frames with new window inserts unless we were convinced that the frames were covered and the installation was airtight. Tip: We've always found it better to install flanged windows with screws rather than nails. If minor adjustments have to be made to properly fit the window into the opening, it's much easier to remove a screw or two rather than pull a nail with a cat's paw. Use stainless steel or zinc-coated screws. =============================================== Selecting contractors: 1/ Look up local contractors first. work out form the closest to your location. If some you trust has had work done similar to yours, ask them about the contractor they used. If they were completely satisfied with their contractor(s), ask for their telephone number. 2/ Select at least 5 your are interested 3/ Do a google/yahoo search on each of the contractors you are interested in; look for praises (check who is writing the praises to see if they have any connection to the contractor google/yahoo search the people giving the praise or references) 4/ When you are satisfied with at least 3 contractors per job, have the give you written estimates with details of work to be done, terms, guarantee(s), cost of extras (how much do they charge if they find something not covered by the contract), paymant schedules if necessary and whatever else you can think of to protect yourself. 5/ If the contractor tries to pressure you into signing the contract immediately with a high deposit (more than 15%) reject that contractor. Be careful, high pressure can be someone who sounds very convincing, but has many reasons why you should sign on the dotted line NOW. 6/ It is always good to have another adult with you when a contractor inspects the work to be done. 7/ If you do not get at least 3 written estimates signed by the contractor - not you (do not sign yet) , go back to 1. repeat until you get written estimates signed by the contractor - not you (do not sign yet). Read the estimates over with some who has some knowledge of the work that has to be done. This may take longer than you thought; do not rush into it. Research, resaerch research, helps. When you are ready choose by being informed. Good Luck

1.20 How do you repair wood siding damaged by a pressure washer?

Q. Used a pressure washer to remove loose paint and I damaged some wood siding. What's the best way to fix it?

A. Exterior spackle applied with a 6" broad-knife.

1.20 What's the contractor charge to replace rotted siding, Houston TX?

Q. Tear off and replace

A. Depending on what your old siding is,(if asbestos, the chg. will be higher than say, wood siding) there will be a disposal charge on top of your materials and labor charge. You can go to a local building center and tell them the dimensions of your home and they can give you a ball park figure of what it would be to side it yourself. Then the labor chg., anywhere from $30+ an hour. Good luck in you endevours.

1.20 How much do contractors charge for exterior stucco. I have wood siding right now, just ball park, per sq yd?


A. I live in the south and most of our stucco company's have gone out of business. I been a painter for 30 years all the people I know have gone out of business let me explain way. Stucco has to be off the ground so many inch's and they never knew this until it was to late the termite's destroyed so many houses , Law suit ever where, and it bankrupt them. The reason I know this is because I paint stucco homes. Its hard to get insurance on a stucco home put people in bad ways down here but what was done was done... Anyway I seen your question and I notice people was not answering you much I figured before you do this you should know way I stayed in remolding answer questions in the past it just takes so long to explain painting I hardly visit much but in your case I'm glad I was passing through. Good Day!

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Wood Siding

 Siding - Wood Siding Wood siding is a great way to add elegance and class to your Birmingham area home. Nothing else can give you the curb appeal that wood siding does. There are a number of types of wood siding like shingles, clapboard, lap or shake for you to choose from. The wood siding panels can be applied vertically or horizontally, and you can choose finishes for the wood siding that range from stains to sealant and paint. Ultimately the choice you make depends on the budget you have, and the kind of finish that you want from your wood siding.

 Siding Contractor in Birmingham, Alabama Cedar wood siding and redwood sidings are good choices for your home. There are also a number of newer materials like composite wood and engineered wood sidings that are more durable than traditional wood. but give you the same look as the traditional wood siding. No matter what type of wood siding you choose, a wood siding is one way of making sure that your home looks unique. Just make sure that you get the job done properly by a professional from a reputable company.

Composite sidings are made from a number of materials, and these can include shredded wood, Portland cement, binders and glue among others. Composites like fiber cement have the capability to withstand rain, wind, hail and are insect-proofed. Some composites come with 50 year warranties. If you’re planning to install a wood siding and you’re looking for a wood siding contractor in the Birmingham, Alabama area, we can help you get in touch with some of the best people in the industry. Just fill out the form below and you’ll get up to four FREE estimates from the best wood siding contractors in Birmingham.

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