Vinyl Siding - Siding Questions
1.20 What are the names and numbers of contractors that are building homes in your area?

Q. This Is J. S. Construction in Richmond Hill, Ga. We are looking to help rebuild homes destroyed by disasters. We currently work in Richmond Hill, Savannah, and Effingham Co... We have been building homes for seven years now including Framing, Renovations, Vinyl Siding, Interior Trim, Custom Decks, and Hardi Plank Siding. We are currently looking to evolve our business and if you know any contractors their names and numbers would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

A. Mr. builder guy 1-800-mr-builder-guy

1.20 Melted vinyl siding - how to find a match to use to patch?

Q. BBQ melted the siding before I bought the home. I can't contact the previous owner (it was a foreclosure and empty for a year). Is there a manufacturer's number or information on the siding panels somewhere? OR, should I 'borrow' a strip of siding from another more hidden area of the house and then replace that strip with a substitute (that might not match exactly). Can I buy just one or two pieces of siding, or will I need to buy a whole box?

A. Most places will sell you the siding by the piece. However, even if you can get an exact match in the style, and 'grain'... the color has faded on your existing siding, making it almost impossible to get an exact color match. You may get lucky and find something really close. (Take a piece to the store with you) Your best bet, is probably to pull a piece or two from somewhere else, and replace those pieces with the 'close match' new product. If I had to replace a very large section, then I would buy enough new product to replace one end of the home, and use those pieces for repairs on the rest of the home. Get a close color match, with the same pattern and grain... the color difference would not be as noticeable that way. Good Luck

1.20 What color siding would go better with a red brick house?

Q. I have a red brick house with wood soffits and eaves. Instead of painting, I am wanting to replace the wood with vinyl siding. What color siding would go better with a brick house? I also need to know what color to paint the front door, shutters, and small concrete front porch. The windows frames are bronze colored. Any suggestions?

A. OK, since most of what is on the facade of your house is red or red based in nature (brick, bronze window frames), let's move with a complimentary color also on your house but one I'll bet you didn't even notice. I believe that the brick is the primary visual element of your house, with accents such as doors and shutters being secondary. Holding all those bricks together is mortar...up close, you can see it is a greenish gray. The size of the mortar joints is small however in relation to the size of the house. Knowing this gives us some latitude when picking a siding color to compliment the bricks. Your eye will want very badly to believe that a "putty" type of color matches the mortar. A very nice neutral, not too light and not too dark to go with the brick would be Benjamin Moore's HC-95, Sag Harbor Gray, another would be HC-111, Nantucket Gray. Both will be complimentary to the brick and will show it off. See if you can find a siding that comes close to one of those colors. Then I would steal a note from the brick and paint the door a lucious dark reddish brown as an accent, HC-64, Townsend Harbor Brown. Ordinarily I would pick another color for shutters but in this instance you have enough going on, paint the shutters the same as the siding. Voila! a tasteful and long wearing color scheme with sophistication. You didn't mention your roof color but unless you have a green roof, this will work marvelously with just about any other color. Best, Rodd

1.20 How do you install vinyl siding over metal siding on a steel building?

Q. I bought vinyl siding for me steel building that has existing metal siding. I'm wondering if I need vapor barrier between the two sidings. I also want to know that type of screw to use.

A. You would have to use firring strips around the whole building, using sheet metal screws. fasten them vertically every 16" o.c. then use galvanized roofing tacks to hang the siding...

1.20 What is the best vinyl siding and who provides the best warranty?

Q. I am going to install siding on my house soon.I would like some feedback .I really don't know which siding to choose with so many out there.I'm looking for maintenance free.I live in N.W. Ohio.

A. Buy from a local source, and keep some extra materials (an extra carton or two should do) for repairs or replacement. The best warranty is as good as the manufacturer (don't count on the installation contractor) and not worth a much larger expense. Your warranty is to buy at a fair price, and buy some extra material for reserve. Shop two or three local sources before you make your decision. Ask the retailer for some reputable installers. Remember that in-home sales is synonymous with high price. (The salespeople don't work for free, they pay their own expenses, and they get a lot of rejection, so they make it up at your house, even with their huge buy-now discount.)

1.20 Should I repair wood siding on my house or replace with vinyl siding?

Q. There is deterioration on several parts of the wood siding as well as in the soffits. Some boards are actually missing. My husband and I are thinking of purchasing home and wanted to know if it would be more beneficial to repair the wood siding or take the rotten boards off and put up vinyl siding. Thanks for the help.

A. If you are purchasing this home, and intend to stay there for a while and preserve the structure, then by all means repair the wood. Once the house is covered with vinyl, aluminum or whatever, the condition of the original structure can deteriorate with no way to stop it. This covering is no more than a band aid, not a cure. We went pretty much through the same decison process, and decided to have the house covered, and at that time aluminum was the prefered material, along with a vapor barrier. Eight years later, after a strong wind storm we had to get the siding people back for repairs, and found the original wood siding had really gone bad, due to the lack of breathing and condensation. I would never advise this to anyone. When you see a older home that has been re-sided, beware, because it was to hide defects, or the owners were too lazy to maintain the home and looked for the easy, cheap way out.

1.20 How do you get deck sealant off vinyl siding?

Q. We have some spotting on our vinyl siding where we oversprayed with Thompson Water Seal. We've already tried bleach and mineral spirits to remove it. Mineral spirits helped a little. What else can we try that won't melt the siding?

A. Here are 3 things that do work if used right 1. coke cola 2. mr clean scrub pad 3 greased lightning sold at most stores

1.20 How can I find out if a Vinyl siding Contractor has any complaints against him?

Q. These contractors are from Suffolk County. I tried Better Business Bureau but nothing was listed in there name.

A. Try angies

Vinyl Siding

 Siding - Vinyl Siding The house siding marketplace is huge, and can be confusing for a first timer. Having access to information will help endlessly. Here a few facts about vinyl house siding which is one of the most popular choices among homeowners today. Vinyl siding is very durable, and has high impact resistance, rigidity and strength. In addition, vinyl siding is almost maintenance-free and doesn’t require painting. It’s resistant to termites and moisture build-up. All of this makes it an excellent choice for home sidings in the Birmingham, Alabama area.

 Siding Contractor in Birmingham, Alabama Vinyl siding is energy efficient and this is making more people turn to vinyl than ever before. The problem that is reported most with vinyl sidings is improper installation. Choose a Birmingham, AL area siding contractor who knows his job and uses only skilled labor. It is not recommended that you attempt a vinyl siding installation on your own, even if your DIY skills are exceptional.

Using a pressure washer to clean the exterior of your home is a straight forward process and does not take much effort. Remember to use a cleaner that has been approved for vinyl sidings, and apply it in overlapping strokes. Start from the bottom, and gradually work you way up. Rinse the cleaner away with water, and make sure that you don’t get too close, or you could damage the surface with the water pressure. If you’re looking for a vinyl siding contractor in the Birmingham area, we can connect you with some of the best people in the industry. Fill out the requirement that you have in the form on this page, and you’ll get up to four FREE estimates for your job from Birmingham, Alabama area experts.

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Cedar siding had some squires eat through 3 different board sections.need these repaired and to have 2 areas internal on the drywall reapired from this damage as well.

Duane B - Chesterfield, VA

Job is to 1. replace ~1000 SQF of cedar tongue and grove 6" siding 2. prep and paint the entire house.

Sarel S

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